Software & Technology Sourcing

A full portfolio of solutions & providers with a proven process to design, implement and support.

Unmatched Services,

Single point of Contact 

Your Rolodex (support contact list) will be extremely short…like a single number, chat or email! Our support team is ready, experienced and standing by to assist with your request.

Flexibility & Scale

With access to all the big, small and medium players we are able to be carrier agnostic. We are also able, through combined scale, to negotiate the best rates and terms in the industry — that includes making changes when it benefits our client.

Unwavering Attention

Our attention is on you, and the provider’s attention is on us. Our commitment to service extends from initial discussions to looking to your organization’s future requirements and possibilities. Our carriers know this, and you can depend on it.

Vendor Neutral and Expansive

More choice. More options. More say. Our relationships, and scale, allow us to pick and choose, combine inspiredly and select what works for the challenges of our client.

Unified Cyber Protection

Powerful Defenses for your users, devices, emails, cloud apps, and data.

Risk-Free Telecom & Cloud Audits

We employ risk-free auditing techniques that find errors and overcharges,
identify redundant services and create room in your budgets for new services
and upgrades. Our audits generate typical connectivity savings of 20% to 30%.

Are you getting a good return on your technology investment ?

Before investing resources in new technology, like cloud computing and
communications solutions, it’s important to consider exactly who is providing the
technology. It’s a question of risk and return.


Our approach to sourcing for telecom, cloud and IT services is keeping in mind
what’s most important to you – saving money, leveraging best-of-breed solutions
and easing ongoing management.


When we submit quote requests as your independent advocate and auditor,
providers in our portfolio know we represent thousands of customers
representing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual spending. The result?

Custom, aggressive quotes for your business. This, combined with our expertise
in bill reconciliation and heavy experience in deploying new technologies and
services, is why our clients are able to achieve typical post-audit savings of
20% to 30% even as they migrate to more advanced services.


Our value proposition is built around absolute neutrality. We grow, maintain
and refine a massive portfolio of providers for one reason — to make sure you
always have access to best-of-breed solutions. Combined with our experience,
we know which providers are best for certain applications or in certain regions,
when to choose big brands and when to choose boutique providers, which
providers deliver superior uptime and reliability. We get you out of the telecom
and IT services business and back to managing yours.

Single Point of Contact for All Things Telecom, Data and Cloud

We deliver white-glove treatment for life, including post-install service and
support, and ongoing service and contract audits. Whether you have one
location or one thousand, our team ensures that you always have access to the
latest technologies at the optimum price-performance ratio for your company.

Dynamic support that goes beyond a phone call.

Our experts will leverage industry contacts and leadership support to fully
resolve any customer issues.

THE best technology solutions for auto dealers.

Our dealership solutions provide insight and value by enabling integrated phone
systems that tracks calls and use the latest technology to enhance communication
with customers via desk phone, smartphone and SMS. Our solution can be seamlessly
incorporated into your existing CRM for better tracking and more sales.



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